Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tools for Stakeholder Engagement Webinar

We're glad to share this announcement from Graham Howe at Jurat about an upcoming webinar:

"For those who already have a firm grasp of the G3 Framework and continue to grapple with applying the 'Materiality Principle' by involving internal and external stakeholders, we have scheduled a webinar on September 22nd at 8am (PST) entitled, "Full Inclusion: Tools for Engaging Stakeholders".

In collaboration with Triple Pundit, we will give a bit more description of the role that others play in the selection of indicators that are material or relevant to an organization. This piece will be supported by the following guests:
  • Robert Mariani, Ascentum: Informed participation and the link to sustainable decisions; when you should consider informed participation
  • Graham Howe, Jurat: Know your stakeholder, follow consistent practices and use stakeholder intelligence to guide your CSR strategies
To register, click here:
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