Monday, September 20, 2010

New Article on New Generation of P2: Internet-based Participation Tools

Check out the new article entitled "The New Generation of Public Participation: Internet-based Participation Tools" by Jennifer Evans-Cowley, Ph.D., AICP and Justin Hollander, Ph.D., AICP in the latest issue of Planning Practice & Research.

"Since the advocacy planners of the 1960s first brought widespread public participation to the planning process, there have been innovations and improvements. However, the participation practices in the real world, with its face-to-face politics of difference and unequal power relations, are flawed. Today, technology allows for an entirely new generation of forms and practices of public participation that promise to elevate the public discourse in an unprecedented manner while providing an interactive, networked environment for decision-making. This is occurring with asynchronous communities interacting with one another on a variety of planning subjects, which allows for more democratic planning and more meaningful participation. In this paper, we review the ways in which today's web-based virtual worlds, like Facebook and Second Life, provide platforms for public participation in planning in a manner distinct from previous formats. We explore the different ways that citizens and communities are using web-based technologies for citizen participation, including the use of Facebook for community organizing around planning issues and of Second Life for virtual workshops. We include case studies of communities that are using these tools. The paper concludes by exploring the contribution that virtual participation can make to planning and examines the challenges that it poses."

Click here to locate the article (if you do not have a subscription, there is a fee to download the article)
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