Tech Lab

Tech Lab is an occasional series that showcases a variety of tools used for engagement purposes.

In each 60-minute program, you’ll learn about each tool’s key features and its capabilities. You’ll get to see the actual tool in use and be able to ask questions if you wish.

These Tech Lab sessions are valuable for…

* Benchmarking the tool(s) you use now against what’s available
* Learning about new or existing tools in the marketplace

They’re also are ideal for narrowing your short list of prospective tools, as you consider upgrading or changing what you’re presently using.

Tech Lab programs are recorded and later made available for on-demand viewing on the PublicDecisions website.

Registration is free of charge for Circle Club members, and no one will contact you about the tool unless you request it.

Learn more about upcoming Tech Lab programs by becoming a member of our free Circle Club.
You can listen to/watch previous programs in the PublicDecisions library.
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