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2010 Annual Report: 46 pgms on #PublicEngmt Serve 1,200 in 16 countries

Special Issue of the PublicDecisions enewsletter, The Circulus:
Our 2010 Annual Report
December 22, 2010

We’ve had an exciting and productive year at PublicDecisions, and as the New Year approaches, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you and the many individuals/organizations who have made our programs possible these last 12 months.

Looking Ahead

We have several PublicDecisions programs in the works for 2011 that will continue our focus on Best Practices, Emerging Trends and Leading Thinkers for stakeholder engagement.  We look forward your participation in these many professional development and learning activities.

Best wishes for a happy holiday and a healthy, prosperous New Year!

Beth Offenbacker
Chief Learning Officer
Quick Snapshot for 2010

1,200 attendees from 16 countries

46 programs
  • Three online conferences
  • 10 PublicForum webinars and book talks
  • Three Tech Lab programs
  • Two Practical Insights webinars
  • 10 Stakeholder Engagement Consultants meetings
  • 10 Virtual Worlds for Stakeholder Engagement events
  • Eight #P2Chat event

Participant comments
The topics and their presenters were both insightful and novel. The sessions were true to their titles and applicable to practitioners. THANKS!

I really liked the interactive bit of it. The fact that sometimes there were more than one person presenting on a topic. The environment was easy for me to look at and understand, in terms of the issues and ideas presented.

Presenters were informative and used the technology effectively; the convenience of on-line while feeling like I was actually at a conference; the field trips were amazing.
Webinars and Book Talks

  • 10 PublicForum webinars and book talks.  Topics featured included Best Practices in Canadian Health Engagement; New Research on Dialogue & Deliberation; Privacy Issues and Public Engagement; Virtual Collaboration; Balanced Scorecards; and Effective Use Of Social Media For Engagement, among others. Book talk guests included Jamie and Maren Showkeir, Nabeel Hamdi, Yvonne Rydin and Peggy Holman.
  • Three Tech Lab programs, featuring Engagement HQ, BudgetAllocator and Dialogue App.
  • Two Practical Insights webinars, including the IAP2-Kettering Research Project and the National League of Cities research about municipal public engagement.

Participant comments

I have never heard from health authorities about what they are doing in public engagement, and this is of great interest in [place]. Thank you for such an innovative webinar.
Excellent presentations and an excellent moderator! ty ty!

Presenters really knew their stuff and moved flawlessly through the material.
I thought the material very intriguing and a different take on much of what I already know and do and is very helpful to find other was to communicate, model and teach.

Groups and Special Projects

Stakeholder Engagement Consultants Group
PublicDecisions sponsors a free Stakeholder Engagement Consultants group on LinkedIn that meets monthly.  During 2010, we gained most of our current 211 members.  Rick Raymond of Richard Raymond Associates, Inc. is the facilitator.
Meeting topics have included The Trusted Advisor; Benefits and Outcomes of Stakeholder Engagement; Emotional Intelligence and Consulting; the Economy’s Effect on Stakeholder Engagement Consulting; and Corporate Social Responsibility Consulting, among others.

Virtual Worlds for Stakeholder Engagement Group
During 2010, we continued our work on how virtual worlds can be used for stakeholder engagement at our monthly meetings in Second Life (co-sponsored with Learning Times).

Topics of recent meetings have included Virtual Games in Second Life; MuniGov’s Virtual World Efforts; The World Cafe in Second Life; Deliberative IDEAS; and Cooperative Extension in Second Life, among others.

The group has grown over 2010 to include 39 members and it’s free to participate.  Join our Facebook group to learn more.
We co-hosted a highly successful special virtual deliberation on the federal budget in conjunction with America Speaks, the Center for Voter Deliberation of Northern Virginia, Texas Forums, California NIF Network and the World Cafe Community.  We also co-hosted training (with the World Cafe Community and Learning Times) on how to hold a virtual World Cafe in Second Life.


We began tweeting in 2010 and have more than 320 followers as of today.  We’ve sent more than 1,700 tweets with news about events, free resources, new research and other information related to stakeholder engagement.  Follow us at @PublicDecisions

Our weekly #P2Chat (co-facilitated with Chris Berendes from Netalyst, @citizentools) has been a fun experiment in using Twitter to focus on emerging issues and trends in public engagement.  We’re in the process of working on new topics for 2011 #P2Chats; watch for news about #P2Chat in early January.
WBT Pilot

We were excited to pilot a new web-based training module on dialogue from Smart Conversations®.  We had 13 people participate in the pilot and we appreciate the tremendously valuable feedback that they provided. 

Look for news over the next month about the launch of this new offering!

Special Thanks

Special thanks to the 131 individuals and organizations who made our 2010 programs possible:
  • Afifa Ahmed-Shafi, City of Portland, Oregon
  • Kathleen Anderson, Industry & Equity LLC
  • Edward Andersson, INVOLVE
  • Hannah Bateman, Kapiti Coast District Council
  • Bill Barberg, InsightFormation
  • Bill Barnes, National League of Cities
  • Laurien Beijer, IFHP
  • Whit Blanton, Cities That Work
  • Myron Belej, CityPlanner Consulting
  • Chris Berendes, Netalyst
  • Lise Bertand, Montreal Agency for Health and Social Services, Department of Public Health
  • Angela Bishop, Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business
  • Belinda Boyd, Vancouver Coastal Health
  • Manjula Boyina
  • Daren Brabham, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Linda Brennan, Ecobotanica
  • Teresa Brewer, Municipality of Anchorage
  • Laura Buhl, City of Detroit
  • Virna Bussadori, European Council of Spatial Planners-Conseil européen des urbanistes
  • Crispin Butteriss, Bang The Table
  • Jonathan Cabiria, Fielding Graduate University and UCLA
  • Anette Carlisle, Panhandle Twenty/20
  • Lyn Carson, University of Western Sydney
  • Thora Cartlidge, City of Thunder Bay, Ontario
  • Jane Clough-Riquelme, SANDAG Reservation Transportation Authority
  • Kris Copeland, Project SEARCH
  • Bill Corbett, Center for Voter Deliberation of Northern Virginia
  • Gloria Rubio Cortes, National Civic League
  • Zelda Craig, JAZ Training & Facilitation
  • Greg Dale, McBride Dale
  • Richard Delaney, Delaney & Associates
  • Tom Dell, Collaboration Cove
  • Darin Dinsmore, Regional Planning Partners + Sustainable Community Strategies
  • Mary Dolan, Montgomery County Planning Department
  • Judy Dovers, Atlanta Regional Commission
  • Susan Dunn, Capital Health
  • Kathy Eisenmann, University of Wisconsin-Extension
  • Paul Epstein, Results That Matter
  • Judith Eversley, Royal Institute of Town Planning
  • Lisa Feldstein, U.C. Berkeley Dept. of City & Regional Planning
  • Diane Foster, Park City Municipal
  • David Friedman, Bridgewell Partners
  • Charles Gardiner, Circle Point
  • Amanda Garfield, Tufts University
  • Jerry Glenn, The Millenium Group
  • Joe Goldman, America Speaks
  • Aaron Goldwater, Jurat
  • Eric Gordon, Engagement Game Lab
  • Sujata Govada, University of Hong Kong
  • Bill Greeves, MuniGov
  • Keith Hall, CH2MHill
  • Lorelei Hansen, Athabasca University
  • Dan Harding, Earthscan
  • Sandy Heierbacher, NCDD
  • Peggy Holman, Author
  • David Kahane, University of Alberta
  • Hope Kandel Gershik, Learning Times
  • Jan Kingsley, Author
  • Sonia Kirby, Tract Consultants
  • Alice Krueger, Virtual Ability
  • Amy Lenzo, The World Cafe Community
  • Nabeel Hamdi, Oxford Brookes University
  • Claire Hanley, Macquarie University
  • Trathen Heckman, Daily Acts
  • David Hendrickson, Simon Fraser University
  • Kate Herrod, Ashoka: Innovators for the Public
  • Jim Hiley, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  • Justin Hollander, Tufts University
  • Paul Hughes, Paulinate
  • Jerry Kaufman, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Thomas Keenan, University of Calgary
  • Stephanie Knox, Planning Institute of Australia
  • Caroline Lee, Lafayette University
  • Ferry Leenstra, Wageningen UR Livestock Research
  • Joel Levin, Aha! Consulting
  • Jordan Lloyd, IDIR
  • Adam Luecking, Results Leadership Group
  • Donna Lynch, WA State Department of Health, Office of Drinking Water
  • Elizabeth Malone, Author
  • Bonnie Mann, National League of Cities
  • Derek Martin, IFHP
  • Chris McGetrick, McGetrick Engineering
  • Lucie McNeill, Vancouver Coastal Health
  • Joel Mills, AIA
  • Stephanie Miller, Health Consumers Alliance of South Australia
  • David Moore, Collaborative Communications Group
  • Ivan Moss, National Farmers Union (UK)
  • John Ott, Author
  • Craig Paterson, California NIF Network
  • Rik Panganiban, Global Kids
  • Kami Pothukuchi, SEED Wayne, Wayne State University
  • Francesca Polletta, University of California Irvine
  • Willi Paul, Daily Acts
  • Mark Peters, St. Clair County (Illinois) Health Department
  • Chris Quigley, Delib UK
  • Kristi Ranieri, CirclePoint
  • Sailesh Rao, Climate Healers
  • Rick Raymond, Richard Raymond Associates, Inc.
  • Carla Roach, Innovation Center for Community & Youth Development
  • Desley Renton, IAP2
  • Rosemarie Russo, City of Fort Collins, Colorado
  • Wendy Sarkissian, Fellow, Planning Institute of Australia
  • Larry Schooler, City of Austin (Texas)
  • Kenji Shermer, Blackpool Borough Council
  • Steven Schirra, Engagement Game Lab
  • Kristin Shields, North West LHIN
  • Jamie Showkeir, Showkeir & Associates
  • Maren Showkeir, Showkeir & Associates
  • Michele Simos, SMART Conversations®
  • Ian Sinclair, Edge Land Planning
  • Bianca Spence, Canadian Institute for Planners
  • Shareen Springer, JLA Public Involvement
  • Bob Stains, Public Conversations Project
  • Carolyn Steel, Author
  • John Stephens, UNC at Chapel Hill
  • Linda Stoll, University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point
  • Margreth Tolson, Vancouver Coastal Health
  • Mark van de Woerd, Lura Consulting
  • Candace Vanin, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  • Michael Velders, Arup
  • Nick Wates, Nick Wates & Associates
  • Stuart Waters, Twyfords
  • Paul Weisman, SMART Conversations®
  • Ellis Westwood, Ascentum
  • Karen Wianecki, Planning Solutions, Inc.
  • Widget Whiteberry, Commonwealth Island
  • Jeri Williams, City of Portland, Oregon
  • Terry Williams, MAZE Consulting
  • Taylor Willingham, Texas Forums
  • Geoff Wilson, Capital Health
  • Rita Yi Man, Hong Kong Shue Yan University
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