Sunday, May 16, 2010

May 27 Pgm on Immersive Intell for Collaborative Decisionmaking

The Gronstedt Group sponsors weekly “Train for Success” Second Life sessions that convene training and communication professionals from around the globe to explore how leading corporations are transforming workplace performance with virtual worlds. No registration is needed for these sessions, which are held in Second Life.

The May 27 program at 12pm eastern is on Immersive Intelligence and it features Richard Hackathorn. According to the Gronstedt Group website, "Immersive Intelligence is a collaborative data-driven decision process for understanding complex systems using immersive spaces. Immersive spaces are virtual environments whose objects are created from and sync with a rich dynamic database, allowing persons to experience immersion within a data world ranging from the natural and familiar to the abstract and unusual. Richard Hackathorn (Hack Richard), Bolder Technology, Inc., will offer an overview of the concepts/architecture, discuss collaborative decision-making spaces, explore some use cases, and cite SL examples illustrating key features of Immersive Intelligence. Finally, we will suggest ways for getting involved. Scan for background."
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