Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Update on eRulemaking Research, newest release of Public Comment Analysis Toolkit

Dr. Stuart Shulman passes on an update on the fascinating work he is doing on eRulemaking. Many of you may know Stu from his impressive work on the Public Comment Analysis Toolkit (PCAT). He also is the Editor of the Journal of Information Technology and Politics and Associate Director of the National Center for Digital Government.

In a letter to PCAT users today, Stu writes that he is in the process of “completing our 10-year eRulemaking research effort (http://people.umass.edu/stu/eRulemaking/) and writing a final report to the National Science Foundation.” He’ll be presenting some of his eRulemaking Research Group findings and also be demonstrating the newest release of PCAT this week in Washington.

If eRulemaking is an interest area for you as well, you may be interested in two articles Stu shared on the subject.

"The Case Against Mass E-mails: Perverse Incentives and Low Quality Public Participation in U.S. Federal Rulemaking," at http://www.psocommons.org/policyandinternet/vol1/iss1/art2.

"Democracy and E-Rulemaking: Web-Based Technologies, Participation, and the Potential for Deliberation," (co-authored with David Schlosberg and Steven Zavestocki) http://people.umass.edu/stu/doc/JITP4-1_Democracy.pdf<
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