Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Invite to online Community World Cafe this Sat, Apr 24

Here’s an invitation that just came out today from The World Café Community, sent by Benjamin Degenhart, about a great opportunity to participate in an online Community World Café.

Sabine Soeder from Germany, host of the online Community World Cafe this weekend, sends a special invitation for everyone to join in.  The event will be held on Saturday, the 24rd of April, 7pm-9:30pm Central European Time, 10am-12:30pm Pacific time.

Sabine writes, "Let's explore in these 2 hours and a half our different perspectives and experiences around the relation between nature and us living on the earth. Which strategies do we need for being guests on planet earth in relation to all these earthquakes (and now the volcano eruption in Iceland - where the two tectonic plates of America and Europe are coming together!)"

See the complete details for how to register here (you will need to join the World Cafe Community to view the details, it's easy to join and it's free!)

Benjamin also sends some great additional materials:

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