Thursday, March 11, 2010

Initial Survey Results: Sources of delay & frustration in the NEPA process

Here's a report from Kristin Carney of Cubit on the recent NEPA survey that was referenced in the past on this blog:

"If you do NEPA work, would you please take a quick survey about the sources of delay and/or frustration that you've experienced in the NEPA process?

This survey came out of a discussion on FHWA's Re:NEPA. The purpose of the survey is to identify 2 or 3 big issues that cause delay/frustration. Then, we can brainstorm ways to address these big issues. I don't want to add fuel to the complaining fire--but instead hope to move towards improvements in the process.

Over 80 people have already responded, and the 2 issues that are "in the lead" are:
* Changes in project scope or unclear project scope
* Increased documentation levels (i.e. EAs now EIS size)

Do you agree or disagree that these two issues are major sources of delay and frustration in the NEPA process? Please share your opinion via survey if you haven't done so already:

If you've already completed the survey, please email the link above to people whose input should be included. Our goal is to survey at least 100 NEPA professionals. I'll be sure and post more detailed survey results in the near future. Thanks!"
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