Sunday, July 8, 2012

PublicDecisions Blog, 2007-2012, Updates Now Via Twitter @PublicDecisions

I’ve enjoyed blogging about news and events that relate to the practice of public engagement these last few years—and I hope you’ve found it as useful and interesting as I have.  Today marks the last post I’ll be making on this blog, although I’ll continue to share updates via Twitter from a variety of sources.

When I started blogging there were only a handful of people/organizations posting on topics about public participation/deliberation, although thankfully there now are more than 60 blogs that cover the field.  (NCDD has a list of bloggers who post on topics related to engagement at and their listserve also is excellent; also check out the IAP2USA blog at  NCDD also has a great aggregation of these blogs on their Facebook page.

Accordingly, from here on out I’ll be focusing solely on updates via Twitter (@PublicDecisions), from practitioners/researchers in public engagement as well as a range of other areas such as planning, health, etc.  Twitter will allow me to post more information in a more timely fashion and from an even more diverse array of people, organizations and places.  I hope you’ll check out my Twitter feed and I’ll look forward to retweeting news about trends, tools and ideas that you’re willing to share as well.

Beth Offenbacker
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