Wednesday, February 15, 2012

INVOLVE Hosts Two Upcoming Community Engagement Webinars


"As part of the Creative Councils programme Involve and NESTA are hosting a series of free webinars on community engagement, coproduction and related issues. Many of the Creative Councils projects are trying to connect Councils with the communities they serve in new and interesting ways. If you’re looking for inspiration or advice on how to engage with citizens and how to creat a culture of community engagement in your organisation then join the conversation!

Each session will include a presentation by an expert in the field, followed by an opportunity to ask questions and discuss. The sessions will be interactive, short and held over lunchtime in order to make it easy for you to attend. If you can’t make the webinar you can also submit questions in advance and access a recording afterwards.

The topics for the first two sessions will be:

Where next for engagement? – 12 to 1.30pm, 17th February
In the first session, Edward Andersson, Deputy Director of Involve, will reflect on where engagement is heading in a time of Localism and Austerity. New forms of engagement and new technologies provide exciting opportunities. This session will look at creative methods of engagement that can be used to reach beyond the actively engaged and help to develop a productive conversation with communities. Edward will give examples of these methods and advice on when and how they should be used.

Positively deviant – 12 to 1.30pm, 2nd March
In the second session, Jane Lewis, from Woodward-Lewis and Susan Ritchie, an Involve associate and director of Mutual Gain, will give an introduction to a problem solving approach within communities called Positive Deviance. This method is based on the observation that through their uncommon (or deviant) behaviour some individuals and groups within communities develop better solutions to problems than others. It is being used across the UK and has delivered some astounding results in the form of reduced crime, improved health outcomes and much more. Sue will explain how it works and when to use the approach.

The topics of the following sessions will be up to you to decide. You can vote here:

The webinars will take place over WebEx, an online meeting platform. If you would like to take part in the webinar series, email Tim Hughes at for a meeting invitation.

Future dates:

16th March, 12 to 1.30pm
30th March, 12 to 1.30pm
13th April, 12 to 1.30pm
27th April, 12 to 1.30pm"
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