Monday, July 25, 2011

Tuesday, 26 July PublicForum Webinar: Know Thy Communication Style

“Know Thy Communication Style”
Using SMART Conversations® to speak your truth and enhance all of your relationships.
A PublicForum Webinar

Tuesday, July 26
Noon-1:30 pm Eastern (New York)
(60-minute webinar with optional 30 minute Q & A )
FREE* for Circle Club members
$20* USD for nonmembers
*Add $12 for telephone audio (no charge for computer audio)
Registrants receive access to the session recording (a $20 value) and the program slide deck.

Please note:  This program involves active participation by attendees. To ensure a quality experience for all, we are using our premium conference calling service for this webinar. (For technical reasons, our free conference calling service is not suitable.) Participants who must use telephone audio are asked to cover the cost of this service. Computer audio remains free, but requires a duplex headset and high-speed internet connection.

About this Program
Do you freeze when you think about talking with ex-partner or with your teen?
Is the thought of facilitating a meeting with a combative audience paralyzing?
Does your boss’ mere presence cause you to shut down at the thought of a difficult conversation?
Do you often feel defensive when someone challenges your point of view?
Relationships are essential to the quality of our work life, our home life, and in our community. As individuals seeking self improvement or professional development, or as practitioners of public engagement, we need the skills to deal with people on the small, everyday matters as well as the elephants in the room. But how?

What kind of dialogue do you find most challenging?

SMART Conversations® is a conversation style characterized by four core conditions:
□        SM- Shared Meaning – Are we talking about the same thing?
□        Authenticity – Are we being “real” with each other?
□        Respect – Can we respect all perspectives?
□        Trust – Are we able to trust that everyone has good intentions?

When these conditions are present, you'll be able to listen to the perspectives of others, express your point of view, build better relationships, and learn from others.

Dialogue is a foundational skill that can transform your conversations and give you the tools to communicate with authenticity, respect, and trust. In this webinar, you'll gain exposure to action dialogue and learn what it is, what it isn't, and how it can help you in your personal and professional life.

Whether you wish to learn a new skill to communicate with your teenager more productively, engage a group of stakeholders around an initiative, or hold more effective public engagement meetings, SMART Conversations® is a particular brand of dialogue that will bring your effectiveness to a new level.

In this webinar, you'll also be introduced to the “Belief Map,” a valuable tool that challenges your filters, and helps you question your negative beliefs to shift to a place of curiosity and dialogue.

If you could benefit from this practical approach to dialogue, please join us for our July 26 webinar. 

Our presenters are Paul Weisman/Smart Conversations® and Michele Simos/Smart Conversations® and Simos Consulting.

is a trainer, coach, and management consultant with strong education and business credentials in each practice area.  In addition to being a certified trainer, facilitator, and coach, Paul is also a professional engineer and business leader with two degrees in Civil Engineering (University of Massachusetts and University of Michigan) and 34 years of consulting engineering experience in private practice. He has an extensive background developing, leading and managing major projects, teams, and business startups; strategic and business planning and business development; and corporate and operational management. 

Dedicated to helping clients reach their greatest potential as communicators, Michele loves being in the classroom teaching business writing, marketing communications and presentation skills as well as designing custom performance improvement programs.  Michele is a certified trainer at SMART Conversations® in dialogue and she also has developed high impact communications training programs for numerous organizations, including Turner Broadcasting Inc., EMC, Rohm & Haas and PerkinElmer.  Before founding Simos Consulting Inc., Michele served as manager of proposal development and marketing communications at Ernst & Young, Boston. She has also consulted for The Forum Corporation, an international training development company.  Michele holds an M.A. degree in Professional Writing and Publishing from Emerson College and an undergraduate degree in Journalism/Public Relations.

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