Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Call for Entries for APA Techn Div Awards Pgm, Includes Best Use of Techn 4 P2

We're glad to share this announcement from the American Planning Association's Technology Division:

"The Technology Division of the American Planning Association will be issuing the following awards at the 2011 National APA Conference in Boston, MA. The deadline to submit an award is March 15th, 2011.

Category 1- Best Use of Technology to Improve a Plan or Planning Process This category recognizes an organization for the creative use of technology in improving planning processes. Examples may include technology in subdivision approval, urban design, or comprehensive planning.
Category 2- Best Use of Technology for Public Participation This category recognizes an organization for the best use of technology to enhance public involvement and participation in planning and decision making processes.
Category 3- Best Use of Technology for a University Urban and Regional Planning Program This category recognizes an accredited university planning program for the most effective use of teaching with technology in preparing future planners for professional work. This can include the work of a single class or the use of technology to benefit all students in the program.
Category 4- Best Paper on Technology in Planning This category recognizes a student for an outstanding paper on the use of technology in planning. Papers must have been originally written by a single author for a class in a planning program in a US college or university. Master's theses, terminal professional reports, and student group projects are not eligible. Papers may be no more than 20 pages long, including references. Tables, maps, and other diagrams may supplement the 20 pages of text, but not exceed five pages. Papers must be typed and double-spaced with margins of at least 1 inch and 12 point font.

Open to APA members and non-members in the U.S. Any plan, project, program, process, report, paper etc must have been published, implemented, or completed within two years of the date of submission.
Nominators must assign each submission to one category. No changes will be allowed after the submission deadline. The jury may move a submission from one category to another.
Members of the Technology Division Awards Committee are not eligible to enter, to be nominated, or to receive awards.

Submission deadline for the Technology Division Awards is March 15th, 2011. All submissions should be submitted electronically.

Criteria for Technology Division Award Categories 1-4:
Originality/Innovation- Document how your entry presents a visionary approach or innovative concept to address agency or customer needs. Explain how the use of the planning process in this context broadened the use of technology within the context of the local situation.
Transferability- Illustrate how the entry has potential application for others and how application of your entry's components and methodology would further the cause of good planning.
Quality- Winning entries will represent excellence of thought, analysis, writing and graphics throughout the nomination, regardless of budgetary limitations. Indicate how available resources were used in a thoughtful and ethical process.
Comprehensiveness- Specify how planning principles have been observed, especially in consideration of your entry's effects on other public objectives. Identify to what extent your entry includes elements important to the local community.
Role of Planners- Clarify the role, significance and participation of the planner; for instance, how in-house staff and consultants worked together. Demonstrate the connection between the success of this effort and increased awareness of planners and the planning process. (Category 4 submissions do not need to address this item).
Effectiveness/Results- State how your entry addressed the need or problem that prompted its initiation. Be explicit about how the results have made a difference in the lives of the people affected. Convey the level of effectiveness your entry could have over time.

The entire awards application, along with other relevant details regarding the 2011 Awards Program can be downloaded here.

For questions regarding the 2011 Awards Program, please contact Harsh Prakash."

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