Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Grassroots Citizen Engmt Teleconference on Tues Oct 12

From an announcement by the Canadian Institute for Dialogue and Deliberation:

A Kitchen Table Talk (by Teleconference)

Tuesday October 12th at 12 pm (ET)

Grassroots citizen engagement – What are the stories of social movements that have successfully impacted policy?
Citizen engagement frequently refers to government-initiated projects.  But can it also include citizen-initiated conversations with other citizens about policy change?  How can these conversations contribute to recreating government institutions  that are more meaningfully inclusive of citizens and enable their involvement in policy development?  Let’s share stories about grassroots citizen engagement projects and social movements that have successfully impacted policy as a way of informing the future of the People’s Food Policy Project and Discussion Paper 10 on Food Democracy and Governance.

Here is the call in information:

code: 701-4572 #

Link to Discussion Paper 10: http://peoplesfoodpolicy.ca/policy/discussion-paper-10-food-democracy-and-governance

For more information: www.peoplesfoodpolicy.ca
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