Thursday, July 15, 2010

Report: Painting the Landscape: A Cross Cultural Exploration of Public-Govt Decision Making

Here's news about a new research report on public-government decision making from IAP2 and the Charles F. Kettering Foundation. 

From IAP2's recent announcement:

Painting The Landscape
A Joint Research Project of IAP2 and The Charles F. Kettering Foundation

"In 2005 the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) and The Charles F. Kettering Foundation began work on a joint research project exploring public-government decision making in seven country/regions of the world: Africa, Asia, Australasia, Canada, Latin America, UK/Western Europe and the United States. 

As a result, this monumental effort has provided those on the research team and both sponsoring organizations with a unique, cross-cultural perspective of the social, political and institutional dimensions of public participation, at the country and at the regional level.  We now are pleased to share these findings with you."

See the report here.
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