Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Network for Citizen Science Projects & Resources

Many of you know that one of the topics I'm passionate about is engagement in support of science and technology.  My new favorite resource this week is The Network for Citizen Science Projects & Resources

According to the website, the network has four purposes:
  • "Enable and encourage people to learn about, participate in, and contribute to science through both informal recreational activities and formal research efforts.
  • Inspire greater appreciation and promote a better understanding of science and technology among the general public.
  • Create a shared space where scientists can talk with citizens interested in working on or learning about their research projects.
  • Satisfy the popular urge to tinker, build, and explore by making it simple and fun for people—singles, parents, grandparents, kids—to jump in and get their hands dirty with science" 
What's particularly impressive is how the group is using the web to promote easy ideas for people to get involved with science; for example, how you can use your phone to record and report on the GOM oil spill.  There's also a way you can add your own project or find a project to work on too, such as a Texas Bee Watchers initiative.  The site is a great model for how we can encourage those of us regular people (read: nonscientists) to get involved with enhancing and protecting our environment in easy ways, everyday.
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