Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Report: Social Documentaries Stimulate, Support Public Engmt & Social Change

AU's Center for Social Media has a new report that notes how social documentarians (documentary filmmakers who focus on social issues) are "developing digital tools to attract, engage and mobilize increasingly diverse publics."

"Documentary films are serving as the core for innovative spaces and practices that mark a new kind of public media – accessible, participatory and inclusive. As the case studies below demonstrate, digital technologies do not replace, but are closely entwined with, longstanding on-the-ground activities of stakeholders and citizens working for social change," writes Barbara Abrash.

The CSM "report presents case studies of three social issue documentary projects that demonstrate how strategic outreach campaigns are enabling publics to form around social and political issues of shared concern. They use digital technologies for production, distribution, archiving, and social networking; to promote civic engagement, and to provide tools for grassroots, national, and international networks."

Read more about the three documentaries and this report here.
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