Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Democratizing Inequalities conference in NYC, Oct. 15-16, 2010

New York University's Institute for Public Knowledge is hosting a conference this October on the topic "Democratizing Inequities." Held October 15-16, the "conference investigates the consequences of the movement since the 1960s to expand participation across the political and economic landscape."

"In 2010, the sheer number of invitations to 'have your say' can seem overwhelming. The unexpected triumph of progressive values inherent in bottom-up engagement has been hailed by observers as a civic renaissance, a collaborative revolution, a new participation economy. It would appear that public participation is more widespread than ever. But, contrary to long-held assumptions about the relationship between democratization and social equality, this expansion of political equality has been accompanied by a corresponding decline in social and economic equality."

Conference organizers include Caroline Lee from Lafayette University (one of the speakers at the joint PublicDecisions/NCDD webinar in May), Michael McQuarrie from UC Davis and Edward Walker from University of Vermont/University of Michigan.

Learn more about the conference here.
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