Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Resource on Supporting Development of Vulnerable Youth from The Innovation Center

Here's news about a new resource from The Innovation Center that points to the value of relationship education for engaging and supporting the development of vulnerable young people.  The Center offers many great resources that focus on working with youth in support of individual and community change.  Visit their website to learn more.

Relationships matter - especially to young people. And especially to vulnerable young people, like those who are system-involved, low income, runaway, homeless, or disconnected from school or work. A positive, healthy relationship can support a young person's school, work, or family goals; an unhealthy relationship has the potential to derail them entirely.

This past October relationship education professionals and youth development professionals gathered in an unprecedented way: to discuss what their fields offer and how to join forces to deliver effective relationship education to vulnerable young people. The Annie E. Casey Foundation, along with the National Healthy Marriage Resource Center and Public Strategies, Inc., sponsored the event; the Innovation Center facilitated the meeting and compiled the proceedings summary.

The summary, Relationships Matter: Strengthening Vulnerable Youth, discusses the critical need for relationship education, how it may be used as a strategy for youth development, and participants' thoughts on creating a larger policy agenda to support healthy relationships.

Read the full summary
on the Innovation Center's website. Learn...
  • How intimate relationships can affect vulnerable young people

  • What different youth-serving organizations are doing to provide relationship education

  • What relationship education and youth development professionals believe the field needs to best deliver relationship education and move the issue to a national spotlight

  • How to integrate relationship education into your own work

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