Tuesday, March 30, 2010

April 22 Webinar: Which Social Media Tool is the Best Fit for My Engmt Process and How Should I Use It?

A PublicForum Webinar
Thursday, 22 April 2010
18:00 Eastern/22:00 GMT (90 minutes)

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Social media tools are increasingly used to consult stakeholders about policies, programs and services, and to deliberate about community issues. Facebook, Twitter and Linked In are a few of the better known social networking brands, but many organizations also use social media platforms specifically designed to support the engagement process.

This PublicForum webinar focuses on two types of inquiry and the social media tools available to help meet their principle objectives:
   •  Processes for seeking input or feedback for policy making, program management or service delivery.
   •  Processes for deliberating about pressing community issues as part of building the capacity for people to participate.

The program will also address what you need to know when selecting social media tools and designing processes for your engagement work.
In this practically oriented program, you'll learn:
   •  The similarities and differences between various social media platforms
   •  When to choose an off-the-shelf tool (such as Facebook) and when a platform designed for engagement work makes sense
   •  Tips for best integrating these tools into your overall stakeholder engagement strategy
   •  Strategies for designing an effective deliberative process for online dialogues
   •  Moderation and facilitation techniques that are particularly effective when using social media
   •  Suggested questions to ask when evaluating a potential social media tool

Following presentations by our guest panelists, there'll be time for Q&A/discussion. 
All registrants receive the slide deck from this program and post-event access to the webinar recording.

Guest panelists Crispin Butteriss, Ph.D., founding partner of BangTheTable, and Ellis Westwood, Senior Consultant with Ascentum, will provide important insights and practical pointers for evaluating and using social media tools in your work with stakeholders. Moderated by Beth Offenbacker of PublicDecisions.
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