Friday, March 5, 2010

AA1000SES revision: Final call for comments

Last call for comments on the first consultation draft of the AA1000SES 2nd edition

We are now nearing the end of the first public consultation phase for the revision of the AA1000SES.

On March 10th 2010, the draft AA1000SES currently on the wiki - - will be closed for public comment. The next step is for the AccountAbility AA1000SES Technical Committee to review all input to date when they meet on 24 March in London. A second consultation draft will then be prepared, and be opened for the next round of public consultation in April.

The first draft of the 2nd edition AA1000SES was uploaded onto the dedicated wiki platform in October 2009. This draft has since been used as the basis for more than 20 global consultation workshops which have taken place from Sao Paulo to Seoul. The recommendations which have come out of the consultation workshops are available on the wiki site and will be considered by the Technical Committee. You can view the recommendations here

We invite you to comment directly on the current draft at or leave a comment on the General Comments page here

Quick facts
Since the launch in October, the wiki site has had just over 5,000 visits and 20,000 page views, from 106 different countries
The top ten most popular countries are the UK, US, Italy, Germany, Australia, Romania, India, Canada Spain, and Poland.

Special note
AccountAbility is working to reduce the amount of spam that is being left on the wiki. We hope to resolve this problem for the second round of revision. We appreciate your understanding and patience in this matter.

Your engagement will help set a new international benchmark. Post your comments and edits on the wiki site: Alternatively, email them to us at and we will post them for you.

We very much look forward to your active participation!

For any communications and media related enquiries contact Tania Gobena
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