Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Community Planner: An Electronic Hands-on, How-to Journal for Citizens, Community Leaders, and Planners

Passing this on from Megan Dorsett, AICP, from Dorsett Publications, LLC:

Announcing the publication of The Community Planner.  

The Community Planner is a quarterly how-to journal, published on cd-rom, that provides nuts and bolts instructions for planning processes and tasks to citizens, communty leaders, and planners. Unlike traditional journals, The Community Planner includes a variety of hands-on materials, including: instructions, case studies, product reviews, examples, and a wealth of other information in a range of formats, including pdfs, powerpoints, spreadsheets, audio and video files, and GIS materials. 

The inaugural issue will be available May 1, 2010. Information on The Community Planner is available from Cambria Planning Group/Dorsett Publications at
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