Thursday, February 25, 2010

Apr 6 Webinar / Excellence in Health Services Planning: Case Studies from Three Canadian Regional Health Agencies

 A PublicForum Webinar
Tuesday, 6 April at 13:00 Eastern/17:00 GMT (90 minutes)  
Presented by PublicDecisions and the Canadian Institute for Public Engagement

Effective health services planning is a growing challenge around the globe. According to a recent World Health Organization report, health systems today must provide services that respond to people's expectations and changing needs: "Few would disagree that health systems need to respond better—and faster—to the challenges of a changing world."

This PublicForum webinar highlights three award-winning Canadian regional health agencies that provide a model of excellence in responding to their respective communities' needs and interests: Vancouver Coastal Health (Vancouver, BC); Capital Health (Halifax, Nova Scotia); and the North West Local Health Integration Network (Northwestern Ontario).

Our panel of experts from these agencies will focus on best practices for health services engagement from a Canadian perspective. Among the themes to be covered are:

  1. Key insights into engagement as a culture change mechanism within Canadian health services planning organizations.
  2. The importance of context in health services planning, including legislative requirements for consultation, rural/urban issues and issues of literacy.
  3. The values that drive approaches to healthcare engagement, particularly as they relate to trends of an aging population, financial pressures and advances in technology.
  4. The value—and challenges—associated with building engagement skills and capacity among health services agency staff and providers.
Richard Delaney, president of Delaney & Associates Inc. and a founding member and former executive director of the Canadian Institute for Public Engagement will moderate. With 18 years experience in federal and provincial public service, Richard has led numerous organizations for Public Works Canada, National Defence, and Transport Canada. A management consultant since 1996, Richard holds a Masters of Public Administration from Carleton University (Ottawa), a certificate with the Global Facilitation Service Corps and the National Issue Forum Institute, and is a licensed trainer for the International Association for Public Participation. A certified professional facilitator (International Association of Facilitation), Richard has designed and facilitated more than 300 public and stakeholder engagements at the federal, provincial, and municipal levels.

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